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By: Pavils Jurjans
A maze of wires is broken. Now you need to connect the juice to power the plant.
How To Play
By turning blocks with wires and devices, connect all devices to the electricity. No block should be left without power. You can turn blocks with a single click of the mouse, and you can lock blocks that you think are positioned correctly by switching to lock mode and then clicking on the selected blocks. During game play, click L to switch to lock mode and Q to quit. Once the game loads, click the size board you want to use in the settings window and then press Play.
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Online Game Play Window
The game is now loading below. When complete, click in the middle of the window area to begin.

NetMind was developed using Macromedia Flash. If the flash game does not load properly, download the latest free Macromedia Flash Player for your Web browser.

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