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Team Factor
[ 222.77 MB Download ]
You are a machine: A highly trained and specialized soldier created from the ground up by covert military programs. You have a job: All that counts from now on is your mission objective and your team. You are not alone: There are forces that would seek to destroy you and all that you stand for. When you clash on the battlefield only those soldiers that stand with you can help you accomplish your goal and bring you back home alive. You are the US Special Forces: This is Team Factor.

Team Factor is a Multi and Single player Action game about military special operations and undercover missions in various hotspots around the globe. From Siberian airfields to the Mekong Delta from Islands in the Pacific to the mountain range of the Rockies from towns in the Middle East to the Hoover Dam in the USA. Team Factor is the Special Operations action game that takes you to the limits of military endurance and endeavor. The battle is on for your team to complete a series of dangerous undercover missions using a winning combination of strategy strength and stealth.

Become the perfect specialized soldier arm yourself from a sophisticated array of weapons and then join your team to undertake Special Forces operations around the globe.

Team Factor Game Features
  • 3 teams with colliding objectives, up to 32 players in LAN or Internet online games
  • Large, open, realistic maps with several ways to accomplish objectives
  • 4 specializations: Soldier, Scout, Sniper, and Specialist, equipped with varying weapons, equipment, and skills
  • Online development of in-game character
  • More than 50 detailed and close-to-the-original firearms with individual performance
  • Up to 15 thrilling day and night time missions (Siberia, towns in the Middle East, Pacific islands, USA, and more)

Program Details: 6 hours of gameplay within 3 days of installation, free! Download Team Factor now, and if you like it you can buy the complete version for only $19.99 without an additional download!

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videogame screenshots
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system requirements
transfer: 222.77 MB game download
trial term:6 hours of gameplay within 3 days of installation, free!
cost: $19.99 (USD) to unlock the game for unlimited play.
os:Win 9x / 2000 / 2003 / ME / XP
cpu:Pentium 3
memory:128 MB
disk:222 MB
video:16MB AGP 3D Accelerator Video Card
sound:Sound Card
directx:DirectX 8.1
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