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By: PlayFirst
Subway Scramble
ESRB Ranking of Everyone   Download Windows Games
Subway Scramble
[ 8.77 MB Download ]
Welcome to Subway Scramble the action puzzle simulation that takes you on a rapid transit romp through the epic subway systems of New York London Paris Moscow and Seoul. It's a worldwide wreck of snarled subways mangled metros and lost passengers. It's up to you to make sure that each subway system is returned to normal and that all the passengers return to their proper destinations! It won't be easy! Multiple train cars overlapping railway lines and a wide array of color-coded destinations all make Subway Scramble a unique and mesmerizing challenge.

This fast-paced thinking puzzle puts you at the switch guiding subway cars through miles of mazes as you tunnel your way around the world from New York to Seoul. Power-ups and bonuses boost your speed and bring you more tokens helping you tunnel your way through each worldwide location and unscramble the railways of the world's most interesting urban undergrounds. If you've ever played with trains or dreamt of the power and romance of riding the switch on an urban subway system this Subway Scramble will drive you wild!

Subway Scramble Game Features
  • 40+ challenging levels of addictive, skill-based game play that takes you across Europe and Asia on an underground adventure
  • High score tracking and automatic game save
  • 2 modes of play: Around the World and Rush Hour
  • High score tracking and automatic game save
  • Great rewards and surprise special effects
  • Uniquely hip visuals, music, and sounds

Program Details: Limited free gameplay Download Subway Scramble now, and if you like it you can buy the complete version for only $6.99 without an additional download!

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system requirements
transfer: 8.77 MB game download
trial term:Limited free gameplay
cost: $6.99 (USD) to unlock the game for unlimited play.
os:Win 98 / 2000 / ME / XP
cpu:Pentium 3
memory:128 MB
disk:9 MB
sound:Sound Card
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