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By: Enlight Software
Nemesis of the Roman Empire
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Nemesis of the Roman Empire
[ 484.69 MB Download ]
Nemesis of the Roman Empire picks up where the award-winning Celtic Kings: Rage of War left off. In the height of its glory Carthage was the greatest power in the ancient world. With trade routes throughout the entire Mediterranean there was no other nation to dispute its strength. Goods gold and slaves poured in to the majestic city - the source of its might. Countless mercenary armies were constantly bought to ensure that all who threatened Carthage or its interest would be dealt with.

However another Empire was also on the rise. The city of Rome too had begun to gain strength. The Romans soon decided openly to challenge their Carthaginian rivals. The time of the Punic Wars had begun.

Nemesis of the Roman Empire Game Features
  • Large maps complete with neutral settlements and camps that present a threat to all players
  • Player controlled heroes that command armies of up to 50 units on their own, providing them with an additional bonus in battle
  • Military units have the ability to capture resource caravans, outposts, and even entire cities and settlements
  • Ships and shipyards providing for sea battles or transport of armies and resources from one shore to another
  • A single-player campaign featuring the development of the Roman Republic during the Punic wars the invasion of Sicily, the conquest of Hispania, the destruction of Carthage
  • A single-player campaign featuring the campaign of Hannibal Barca Sagunto battle, the crossing of the Alps, Cannas battle
  • Four sides to multiplay with: Roman, Gaul, Carthaginian and Iberians, complete with their own historical buildings and units
  • In-game scenario/adventure editor

Program Details: 2 hours of gameplay, free! Download Nemesis of the Roman Empire now, and if you like it you can buy the complete version for only $19.99 without an additional download!

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system requirements
transfer: 484.69 MB game download
trial term:2 hours of gameplay, free!
cost: $19.99 (USD) to unlock the game for unlimited play.
os:Win 98 / 2000 / ME / XP
cpu:Pentium 2
memory:128 MB
disk:500 MB
video:3D Video Card
sound:Sound Card
directx:DirectX 8.1
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