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By: ValuSoft
Bratz Super Babyz
ESRB Ranking of Everyone   Download Windows Games
Bratz Super Babyz
[ 573.25 MB Download ]
Bratz Super Babyz are here to save the day! Aliens have landed on Earth and one of the their devices, the "Matter Exchanger," has fallen into the wrong hands and transformed the Bratz into Super Babyz!

With their new found super powers, the Babyz use their abilities to battle the evil invading aliens. Join the Super Babyz for a jam-packed stylin' adventure that is out of this world!

Bratz Super Babyz Game Features
  • Build your own Super Babyz adventure scene. Design and print your scenes and let your imagination run wild!
  • Watch a bonus clip from the Bratz Super Babyz DVD at the end of each completed game.
  • Play as one of your 4 favorite Bratz Super Babyz - Smartasha, Speedy Princess, Goo Girl, and Sirena.
  • Unlock 3 special activities as you use your superhero powers to complete 9 arcade-style games, design challenges and puzzles.
  • Embark on a space park adventure! Build the amusement park of your dreams and watch it come alive!
  • Design the best superhero costume ever! Mix and match costume pieces to make your costume unique.

Program Details: 60 minutes of gameplay, free! Download Bratz Super Babyz now, and if you like it you can buy the complete version for only $9.99 without an additional download!

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system requirements
transfer: 573.25 MB game download
trial term:60 minutes of gameplay, free!
cost: $9.99 (USD) to unlock the game for unlimited play.
os:Win XP / Vista
cpu:Pentium 1.0 GHz
memory:256 MB
disk:600 MB
video:64MB Direct 3D Video Card
sound:16-bit Sound Card
directx:DirectX 9.0
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