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By: Nickelodeon
Dora's Carnival 2 - Boardwalk Adventure
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Dora's Carnival 2 - Boardwalk Adventure
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Join Dora and the rest of her friends along the boardwalk in 10 fantastic games for everyone to enjoy.

Play skeeball with Benny, air hockey with Swiper, music with the Fiesta Trio, and much more. Each game rewards you with tickets that you can exchange for fabulous prizes. Print out a cool picture frame, color in a fun scene with Boots, and play connect the dots with all your favorites.

An adventure with Dora is not just fun however, it's also educational because you can learn numbers, colors, and even Spanish!

Dora's Carnival 2 - Boardwalk Adventure Game Features
  • Join Dora and her friends along the boardwalk for 10 fun games.
  • Play skeeball with Benny, air hockey with Swiper, and much more.
  • Win tickets and exchange them for great prizes to play with.

Program Details: Download Dora's Carnival 2 - Boardwalk Adventure now, and if you like it you can buy the complete version for only $6.99 without an additional download!

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system requirements
transfer: 11.81 MB game download
trial term:
cost: $6.99 (USD) to unlock the game for unlimited play.
os:Win XP / Vista / 7
cpu:Pentium 3 700 MHz
memory:64 MB
disk:12 MB
directx:DirectX 6.0
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