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HangARoo Phrases
In their most basic form, phrases are formatted like this:

      <phrase>YOUR PHRASE GOES HERE</phrase>

Phrase tags can be extended with optional attributes to provide additional information for the player.

The 'subcategory' Attribute
To further categorize your phrases (which makes it a little easier on the players), you can add a subcategory attribute to your opening phrase tag:

      <phrase subcategory="SSSSS">

... where "SSSSS" is the name of the subcategory. During the game, when an optional subcategory attribute appears in a phrase tag, the subcategory appears above the puzzle and the main category appears below the puzzle.

The 'moreinfo' Attribute
This attribute can be used to present the player with a fact or piece of trivia pertaining to a phrase after he or she has completed that phrase. It is formatted like this:

      <phrase moreinfo="more info goes here">

And remember, since the moreinfo and subcategory attributes are optional, any of these following phrases are legal:

      <phrase>TRACTOR (1900)</phrase>

      <phrase subcategory="INVENTIONS">TRACTOR (1900)</phrase>

      <phrase moreinfo="By Benjamin Holt, United States.">TRACTOR (1900)</phrase>

      <phrase subcategory="INVENTIONS" moreinfo="By Benjamin Holt, USA">TRACTOR (1900)</phrase>

Technical Notes
  » License Type:
      • Free Game
  » Current Version:
      • v2.052
  » File Size:
      • 2.29MB
  » OS' Supported:
      • 98/NT/2000/ME/XP

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The Data Files
  1. Phrase File Layout
  2. Phrase Categories
  3. Creating Phrases
  4. Signing Your File
  5. Using Your File

Examples and Figures
  • Screenshot Figures
  • Demo Phrase File

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