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webmaster games Do you run your own Web site? Add some fun, sticky, and addictive content to your site with our free web-based flash games. Included in the Games ZIP download you will find 5 different puzzle games that can run directly on your site, along with same code to get the games online.

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Note: For detailed instructions and guidelines for installation, refer to the SETUP_README.txt file that is included in your games download.

Free Web Games Bundle Contents
Provided for entertainment purposes only, the free webmaster games bundle includes online versions of the following popular puzzle games from

A devilishly tough version of the classic Lights Out.
Ask Guru Joe Ask Joe
Ask the magic 8-ball Guru for answers to your questions.
Blobs Blobs
An addictive peg game that will have you playing for hours!
Click'N Slide Click'N Slide
It's your classic slider game we all played as kids.
HangARoo HangARoo
Save the Kangaroo from a good old fashioned lynching.
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Technical Notes
  » License Type:
      • Free Game
  » Current Version:
      • v2.052
  » File Size:
      • 2.29MB
  » OS' Supported:
      • 98/NT/2000/ME/XP

Webmaster's Editions
Got your own web site? Add some of our top flash games to your site for free!

  • Webmaster Games

The Data Files
  1. Phrase File Layout
  2. Phrase Categories
  3. Creating Phrases
  4. Signing Your File
  5. Using Your File

Examples and Figures
  • Screenshot Figures
  • Demo Phrase File

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